Officer Saves Dog from Burning Vehicle in Virginia

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DISCLAIMER: Life With Dogs in no way, shape or form condone, support or endorses dog shows or breeding.  We are simply happy a life was saved.

Thanks to quick thinking and quick action, a dog’s life was saved by a sheriff’s deputy.  A vehicle had caught fire at the Chesapeake City Park, where people were attending a dog show.

“Due to their quick thinking and quick reaction, no lives nor dogs were lost,” said a dog show organizer.

Master Deputy Wayne Spencer was the first of the four volunteer deputies to see the smoke coming from a vehicle.  Inside that vehicle was a dog named Lemon Chiffon, a 10-month-old English mastiff.

9.21.15 - vehicle fireFEAT

Luckily, Deputy Spencer got to the vehicle in time.  He opened the door, and got into the burning car to make sure Lemon Chiffon was safely away from the danger.  After that, with flames shooting out of the glove compartment, the deputy jumped back into the car, started it and drove it away from the crowd to a safe distance.

“Cars and vans and tents were all around the vehicle,” said Spencer.  “There was a lot of people around here, too.   It could have been a very nasty situation.”

The crowd cheered all four of the deputies volunteering for the day at the event.  They were not on duty or getting paid, but still went above and beyond to save a lot of lives that day.  Now that’s what we call heroic humans!

9.21.15 - vehicle fire1

78 thoughts on “Officer Saves Dog from Burning Vehicle in Virginia”

  1. Oh the hypocrisy and short sightedness. Someone obviously bred my dog. She didn’t just materialize fully formed. She came from a shelter when we were looking for a new dog and we consider ourselves lucky to have her. No breeding = no dogs = no jobs for the folks at “Life with Dogs” or anyone who works with or produces goods for dogs, and ultimately no dogs for those who love them. Oh wait, you can always get one of those imported, diseased, unsocialized, semi-feral, untrained “meat dogs” from a “rescue”. Dog ownership is supposed to be fun, not a pennance. You should change your site name to “Life without Dogs” because that is the direction you want us all to go in.

  2. A shame that such a “feel good” story had to be started with the comment: DISCLAIMER: Life With Dogs in no way, shape or form condone, support or endorses dog shows or breeding. We are simply happy a life was saved.
    You should go to a dog show and see how well dogs are treated and how happy they are…they are well bred, socialized and healthy. The A/C was probably running which was how the officer was able to drive the car away!

  3. You don’t condone dog shows or breeding? You might as well call your selves Life WITHOUT Dogs. Responsible breeders show and breed for the love of the dogs. Anyone who thinks we make money doing this has rocks in their heads. My guys are all my pets.. we show in conformation, agility, obedience and a number of other events. They have a great life and enrich mine beyond measure. The same can be said for all the other people I know who do the same
    The self righteous among you who would seek to deprive us of the companionship & partnership of our dogs… shame on you.

    Thank God this dog is safe, this could have happened to anyone, anywhere who has ever traveled with their dogs.

  4. I was shocked at the comments complaining about Life with Dogs’ disclaimer. Yes, not every breeder is evil, etc. But the people who are saying “the stork doesn’t bring dogs” and similar things are just idiots. The stork obviously doesn’t bring dogs, but you know who takes them? The Grim Reaper. Because unwanted pets ARE killed in shelters every day. Seeing so many of the heartbreaking stories on Life with Dogs, I think they are entitled to their opinions. And they certainly are entitled to disclose their beliefs. Regardless of whether you agree with breeding or do not, the reality is that for every one of those cute little puppies, there’s another life that is sadly ending all too soon. And usually there’s more than one.

  5. Thank you to the officer for his bravery! No thanks to Life with dogs for your disclaimer. Where do you thinks nice dogs come from? They don’t come from Chinese meat markets.


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