Officers Give Puppy to Family Devastated by Fire

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11.10.13 - Police Replace Dog Lost in Fire1

A North Carolina family’s grief over the loss of their home and two beloved dogs in a tragic house fire has been mollified by the kindness of two police officers, who were touched by their plight and wanted to give them a fresh start by adding a new member to their family.

The Pollard family of Rowan County, NC escaped with their lives on September 30 because of eight-year-old Zane, who smelled smoke and rushed for help.

“He said, ‘Momma wake up, wake up, the house is on fire,'” mom Leanne explained.

11.10.13 - Police Replace Dog Lost in Fire3

“My mind was clear, I was just thinking about my mom and dad,” Zane said.

The blaze claimed everything, including the lives of their pit bull-boxers, Bessie and Pumpkin.

“They were the best dogs in the world,” said Alexis Givens.

The family’s loss was heartbreaking for everyone, but especially the kids. But a simple conversation Leanne had with a bank teller brought about some much-needed cheer. The teller contacted her nephew, a police officer who knew someone with puppies.

11.10.13 - Police Replace Dog Lost in Fire2

“My aunt was telling me about the family and everything and I got to thinking,” said officer Justin Scarborough. “I knew officer Kiser had a litter of puppies he was trying to get rid of.”

Kiser was empathetic; he couldn’t imagine the pain of losing his dogs in such a manner, and wanted to help however he could. He soon met with the Pollards and gave them an American bulldog called Thumper.

Leanne and the kids fell in love with Thumper immediately. She said it helped them get through their depression. The officers know that Thumper can never replace the family’s departed dogs, but they are happy they could help ease their pain by breathing new life into their world.





24 thoughts on “Officers Give Puppy to Family Devastated by Fire”

  1. This officer clearly has a good heart but not much knowledge. So far in America this year 26 people have been MURDERED by dogs, and 24 were killed by PIT BULLS. Since 1851 there has not been ONE decade in which pit bulls alone did not account for at LEAST 50% of human fatalities by dogs. For each fatality hundreds more are mauled and receive serious, life altering injuries like facial disfigurement and amputation-every 5.4 days a person loses a body part in a pit bull attack; a statistic that DOES NOT EXIST for any other breed. Thanks to his kind but FOOLISH act this family may well face another, completely preventable, tragedy. And really, when someone’s lost everything giving them a gift card is far more appropriate then a large animal that is going to COST them money they don’t have.

    • Don’t forget all the pitbull attacks on family pets. You never hear of german shepherds mauling poodles and shih tzus.

    • You are an idiot. ANY dog can be fatally aggressive. It all lies on how they were raised. Us humans that mistreat and raise the sweet souls to be vicious. Humans are the real monsters and the real killers. Take your uneducated, hateful self elsewhere. Do not assume on topics that you obviously know nothing about!

    • This beautiful puppy is NOT an American Pit Bull Terrier; so, really, like scores of others who buy into all the crap spewed by a media who (verified) refuse to report dog vs human cases that involve any dog breed or breed-mix other than APBT, you have no clue what you’re talking about. It is blatantly obvious that this beautiful pup is, at least part, American Bulldog; I see no APBT cross in that face or body at all. Even if she is an APBT, the whole crap notion that APBTs are any more dangerous to anyone than any other breed is, well, just rampantly stupid. Since we’ve already determined that you’re probably totally incapable of accurately identifying any breed of dog, let’s move on to where I would put this police officer’s knowledge of dogs and their safeness up against yours any day… you’d lose.
      Lastly, where the deuce did you get those ridiculous “statistics”? If they did not come from a national law enforcement database, which includes regional animal control cases, then they’re nothing but spurious crap.

      • And, thank you for proving my point. The story is just not salacious enough unless the dog involved is the “Pit Bull”, even when 100% misidentified as a “Pit Bull” which, incidentally, is not even a breed in and of itself. EVERY single breed, or breed mix, of dog is potentially a risk. A teacup breed killed an infant a year ago but that story didn’t seem to garner much national press, did it? It was a footnote story on the police blotter. Common sense, people; first, get ALL your facts straight and, for God’s sake, why would anyone refer to the Press as a valid source for anything?!
        I appreciate that you did try to find information, albeit from what can never be considered unbiased sources anymore; however, I’m still waiting for the substantive, empirical, non-media-related provenance for the statistical claims made by KaD. That you cite what are, I think, newspapers is at least proof that you try to find out information for yourself and are not relying on wholly biased (at least they admit it) personal websites such as Anyone can call themselves a “.org”; makes it sound so very official, doesn’t it? As for their supposed expertise on the subject, they state, “The pit bull is a class of dog comprising, etc…” lol Well, actually “pit bull” is not a class of anything! APBTs are, in genuine fact, a Terrier breed. But I digress; have there been accurately verified cases of an APBT involved in dog vs human aggression and/or injury? Of course there have; they’re dogs and it’s always a possibility that such will happen. Are they, in fact, more prevalent than any other breed or breed-mix? No, they’re not; the blatant BS comes into play where 1) the press will not give priority airtime or headlines to any dog vs human or another animal unless it’s the so-called “Pit Bull”; which, incidentally, they have misidentified nearly every time; and 2) the wholesale misidentification of nearly every single one of the so-called “Bully” breeds. Most people seem unable, like KaD, to tell the difference between a Bulldog and an APBT, or Corso, or Staffordshire (American or English), etc., etc. In my personal experience, I’ve even stood face-to-face with a supposed “expert” ACO who couldn’t tell a Corgi from a Chow, and 100% mislabeled a purebred American Bulldog as an APBT. The point I’m trying to make is this; in this age of “free crap, come and get it” we have online, it’s almost impossible to get to the genuine facts without a great deal of time and persistence, neither of which most people nowadays seem to want to engage in. We all know the media is no longer even remotely objective about anything; it’s all about ratings, for both the visual and print mediums.
        At the end of the day, every dog is potentially dangerous, if you don’t know what you’re doing. For all intents and purposes, when you have a dog, you’re dealing with someone, however clever they may be, that has the general natural attention span and human-equivalent intellect of a 4 year old. No dog is ever “done” with their training; it requires a lifelong commitment by us to never stop teaching them; we, the humans, are the ones who are actually responsible for what they do.

        • FYI, an American Bulldog and pitbull share many of the same ancestors.

          But my point is the aggression of pitbulls to other animals. I have been a victim of it. It is impossible to find as many attacks on other animals with any other breed. The pitbull apologists always cite human-pitbull aggression, which can be debated, ignoring the red flag of pitbull – dog aggression, which cannot be debated.

    • Your an absolute idiot. Pit bulls are beautiful animals you just a lowlife who obviously doesn’t have one?. People such as yourself just underestimate the power of pit bulls there not bad or evil there beautiful and it all depends on who there raised by and what there temper is with the animal if it’s mean and viscous that’s what they will turn out like, it’s not gonna be their fault though. If there raised by nice and sweet then that’s how they will turn out like when there older.

  2. KaD , it was a bulldog, not a pit bull. Also, daschundsa are the most aggressive dogs. It is pit owners who ruin them for human interaction, and close minded people who hate them that prevent education and information on how to properly handle pit bulls. I only wish you could see that yourself ( no, I don’t have a pit either, I have daschunds and shepherds )

  3. First it was the German Shepard, then they blamed the Doberman , then the Rotweiler and now the Pit Bull… When will they blame the human ? Caesar Milan

  4. Hmph… GSDs can actually be quite predatory towards small animals including dogs and just like any dog…can kill…been there seen it.
    Dogs are dogs, some are more predatory than others.

    Frankly I think folks can do pitties a disservice when the breeding aspect is totally dismissed. We don’t do it with other breeds. You kinda expect most Border Collies to want to work/chase/herd or Huskies to want to pull/run….

  5. There is a reason they are not paying stars to promote poodles on t.v. When dog fighting was legal, no one incuding dog fighters promoted pitbulls as pets. After the government made dog fighting illegal they spent millions on a public relations campaign to popularize the breed so they can hide their vicious and sadistic “sport” in plain sight. “stars” are paid a lot to peddle pitbulls on t.v. just like big tobacco used stars to promote cigerettes. Pitbull owners are duped. They are the pawns of wealthy dog fighters that don’t care about victims or pitbulls. Every pitbull owned helps hide dog fighters. We have a sea of one million overbred unwanted pitbull euthanized each year in the USA. There is a billion dollar untaxed economy surrounding pitbull dog fighters. Pitbull owners should know that their choice helps a pitbull die in a fight pit everyday. If you own a pitbull you are supporting dog fighters.
    dupe (dp, dyp)
    1. An easily deceived person.
    2. A person who functions as the tool of another person or power.
    3. To deceive (an unwary person). See Synonyms at deceive.
    tr.v. duped, dup•ing, dupes

    • So what your suggesting is that pit bull ownership, whether it’d be for dog fighting or as a family pet, promote dog fighting? then what is your solution to the pit bull problem??? If owning them as pets doesn’t help, what possible solution do you have?


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