Old Dog Needs a Final Home

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Do you have room in your heart and your home for a traumatized senior who only requires basic accommodation and kindness?

The Clinton Patch regularly features local animals available for adoption, and this listing for a frightened old dog caught our attention over the weekend.

According to her listing,

“Animal Control Officer Chris Martel found the old girl in a briar patch on Raymond Hill Road. A neighbor had heard an animal crying out early in the morning, barking or yelping. The noise continued for hours, and the neighbor called Martel.

Josie was stuck in the briars, covered with mud, nearly dead. Martel brought her to the shelter, began tending to her skin issues, pinned an old sweatshirt around her for warmth, and gave her food and a soft bed.

For days, all that Josie did was eat and sleep. She must have thought she was in heaven, in her little concrete cage, with the cold floor and the cold walls and the wind creeping in the dog door.”

We were unable to reach the shelter after hours, but if you or anyone you know is interested in adopting Josie, please call the Montville Animal Shelter at 860-848-3529.

6 thoughts on “Old Dog Needs a Final Home”

  1. Oh God, someone PLEASE adopt this dog. Seniors are the best dogs, requiring only basic care and paying you back with unconditional love and appreciation. It’s unfair for her to have to live out the rest of her days like this.

  2. I hope and pray someone can give this beautiful older girl a loving home. I only wish I could. Please lets have an update on her and if someone adopts her, PLEASE!

  3. This makes my heart break. We adopted an 8yr old husky mix that was terribly neglected in her previous home from a shelter and she lived the rest of her life surrounded with love. The best part? We had 4 wonderful years with a sweet, happy dog who thanked us every day with kisses and unconditional love. Please, CT, open your hearts to this sweet old girl:)

  4. Please give this baby a chance to live out her life with dignity., she could be anyone’s lost pet. I am missing a golden retreiver and would hope that someone would give my baby a chance to live a good life if you found her. I would do the same for your dog, and this coould be the start of good relations for dogss. Please help her.

  5. Whenever available pets articles are posted, the state and city should be included. People from all over are reading these.

  6. That is horrific! I have a black lab that will turn 18, the first week of July. I have to carry her up and down the stairs and even though she is old, I still see the 6 week old puppy that I fell in love with. She has made me a better person and prepared me to be a mom to my 9mo old daughter. I hope that karma pays the offender in kind.


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