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Onyx’s Transformation in Just Over a Month Inspires Rescuers to Keep Going When Things get Tough

by Fred

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Onyx is a three-year-old blue lacy mix that was rescued by GypsySoul Rottweiler Rescue, and has had an amazing transformation in just over a month.  Onyx’s transformation at the hands of GypsySoul is nothing short of amazing, and the people who rescued him have been drawing strength and inspiration from it when times get hard.  However, it’s now time for Onyx to move on and provide that inspiration to another family.  Could that family be yours?

Let’s see what GypsySoul Rescue has to say about Onyx:


This is the difference just a little over a month at GypsySoul has made in Onyx’s life!!  You can see it in his face.  On the days that we get discouraged, overwhelmed, and tired, we look at photos like these and know we are on the right track and we must keep going!!

We saved Onyx from a high kill shelter in Amarillo, the last dog left on the euthanasia list to be pulled by a rescue.  He almost didn’t make it out; we were full and overworked but we knew we couldn’t let him die. We are so glad we pulled him that day.

The day he came to us, November 4th, he was scared.  He wanted to trust us but he was very guarded. He was extremely malnourished, you could count his every rib.  We wanted to prove to him that he would never have to fight for food, sleep on the streets, or face human neglect again.

You can tell by the look on his face now that he believes us.  As long as he lives, we will ensure that he will always have food, warmth, safety, and love.  That is the lifetime commitment we make to every dog that comes through our rescue.  This dog has shown us so much appreciation.  He is working so hard on his in-home manners as he’s likely never lived in a home before.  He loves sleeping on the couch with his head in your lap and playing with his toys and his foster sisters in the back yard.


Soon, we know his forever family will come along.  The change might be a little scary but this boy was built to adapt and he will take it in stride.  He will look back on his time at GypsySoul and know we were getting him ready for the life he was always destined to have.

We love you Onyx and we know you will make someone an amazing, loyal, and loving dog for the rest of your life.

Please send us a message for more information on how you could make Onyx a part of your family.

If you cannot adopt, maybe you’d like to help out one of the many other dogs that they take care of.  You can click here to see their Amazon Wishlist, you can donate through PayPal by clicking here, or see the rescue’s PetFinder page about Onyx by clicking here.  You can view their official Facebook page by clicking here.