Operation Sweethearts: The Survivors’ Story

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Last month Animal Rescue Corps saved nearly 100 dogs from a supposed “rescue” near Wingo, KY. The conditions were horrible and many of the dogs were in very bad shape. Despite their suffering, every one of the dogs had the will to survive – and the spirit to recover and forgive. This video is a tribute to them.


If you wish to learn more or support the work of Animal Rescue Corps, please visit www.AnimalRescueCorps.org

52 thoughts on “Operation Sweethearts: The Survivors’ Story”

  1. Im in awe….u saved them all…ur such angles of god! To c these dogs now…in such a short time…it’s so amazing what some TLC, Unconditional luv, compassion, determination & just caring enough….will do & Did do 4 these dogs!! I cried thru the entire video & thank u for sharing! From the bottom of my heart, thank u so much for saving them, doing what u did for them & for what u continue 2 do for dogs in need…THANK U!!! Xoxoxo

  2. So Sad. I love animals, and don’t understand the why behind this. They offer unconditional love and want it back in return, and this was not what they asked for


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