Orphaned Lamb Raised by Collies now Thinks it’s a Dog

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2.9.15 - Orphaned Lamb Raised by Collies now Thinks it’s a Dog

Pet, a lamb from the Scottish Highlands, was orphaned almost immediately after birth.  Now at ten-months-old, Pet has spent so much more of her time around the four collies she lives with, she behaves as if she actually is 100% dog!

Pet was brought inside the Croft family home when she was born.  Having a problem with her back legs meant she needed extra care.  This also brought the baby lamb in contact with her “mother” and other three canine “siblings,” and would shape later behavior into something far too dog like.

Pet had been taken in by the collies as one of their own.  She was struggling to survive at first, and would often follow the oldest collie around as if she actually was Pet’s mother.

Yes, Pet definitely sees herself as more of a dog than a sheep.  She even enjoys such as activities as tail wagging, going for walks and napping.

Owner Mairi Mackenzie said that the bond between the dogs and the little lamb was virtually instant.  And by the looks of the video, the dogs consider her one of their own.

“She’s still a wee bit wobbly but loves to hop, skip and jump around,” says Mackenzie.  “I’ve never seen anything like this before.  It’s really unusual.”