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Over 100 Dogs Rescued from South Dakota Puppy Mills

by Melanie

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2.20.14 - 100 SD Puppy Mill Dogs Saved

Hearts United for Animals rescuers had to make a number of seven-hour trips from Nebraska, but they managed to save 117 dogs living in deplorable conditions in two South Dakota puppy mills.  Law enforcement wasn’t necessary – the owners gave all of them up voluntarily.

The dogs were found to be suffering from injuries, infections and parasites when they were brought to Auburn, NE.

“The dogs all had parasites, so they’re on a good 10-15 days of medication for each one of them just for that, due to the filthy conditions they were in,” explained director Lori Hook.

Many of the dogs’ coats were stained yellow from being forced to sit in their urine.

“After three baths they hardly improved at all, so it might just have to grow out,” Lori said.  “There will be a lot more grooming and bathing going on.

“They’re all going the vet right now, in trips of about 10 a day, and looking forward to getting great new homes.  They’re getting good nutritious food here, and learning to play with other dogs.”

The costs of vet care for the 85 dogs in the care of HUA will be upwards of $20,000.  The remaining dogs have been taken in by other organizations.  HUA would be appreciative of any donations they receive to help care for these poor dogs.  If you would like to contribute toward their care, please click here.