All Pets Adopted, Shelter Empty After Fort Worth’s Call for Help

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Update (5/25/12): A massive outpouring of support from the community has averted disaster. Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price said 370 pets were adopted from the city’s shelter since Tuesday. Yesterday afternoon she reported that all adoptable animals had homes.

Animal Care & Control said it placed 151 pets on Tuesday, a record, and as of 4 p.m. Wednesday another 71 pets had new homes, totaling 222 adoptions in two days.

Thank you for networking to save these animals.
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Fort Worth Animal Control says it is days away from what could be the largest mass euthanization in its history. After taking in 600 cats and dogs last week, the shelter has issued an urgent plea for assistance. Crammed into a shelter with a capacity of only 400, these unfortunate animals are running out of time.

In light of this emergency situation, Fort Worth Animal Care & Control is reaching out to the community for immediate assistance from animal welfare organizations and individuals who can adopt animals.

“We do not want to euthanize healthy dogs and cats,” said Brandon Bennett, Code Compliance director. “It would be heartbreaking. We’ve been working diligently to increase our live release rate over these past few years. We opened our second PetSmart Charities Adoption Center in December and we’re appreciative of all the hard work from our rescue groups. But right now, it’s not enough and we’re asking for help from our community.”

To adopt or foster a pet from FWAC please visit their adoption page.

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  1. this is so sad and I know it is just part of the job you have to do, but how you do it and sleep is beyond me… I won,t sleep just thinking of this now.. wish I could adopt more,but s/s doesn,t allow for much extra.. this is so sad…

  2. Remember people SPAY & NEUTER!!!!!! put aside any personal issues you may have regarding this and dont believe any myths out there….spaying and neutering is the ONLY way we will ever win the war on pet overpopulation. There simply aren’t enough homes for so many stray animals.

      • Jan,

        Keeping an in heat animal in the house or in a fenced yard does not always mean they won’t get pregnant. I have personally seen a two dogs doing “it” through the chain link fence and heard the story of a male dog being so attracted that he tore through a screen door to get to the female. Beyond a metal chasity belt, spay and neuter is the ONLY way.


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