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Owner Believes Bigger Dogs Saved The Littlest From Coyote Attack

by Amy Drew

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Tiny, 15-pound Lily, an adorable mixed breed, managed to escape a coyote attack, and Lily’s owner believes her two other dogs are responsible for the rescue.

Oregon resident Cheryl Graves and her husband are aware of coyotes that live in their area and their property is surrounded by a deep fence to keep the dogs from digging out. They didn’t think much of it when they heard the coyotes on Thursday morning. It’s a common occurrence.

But Holly, their Alaskan malamute, managed to push open the gate this time, and she, along with fur siblings Bonsai and Lily, got out. The three went after the coyotes, but the pack ended up turning on them and Lily, the smallest, was snatched.

“It was the eeriest sensation, the eeriest sound down off our property here,” Graves told KATU. “You could hear little Lily, the little teeny one, you could hear her screaming.”

Graves was sure Lily was done for, until she saw her coming back up the hill between Bonsai and Holly.

“We noticed that Lily was right between them and they were, like, guarding her,” said Graves. “They were kind of bringing her up, kind of escorting her up this hill. It was amazing.”

Graves isn’t sure what happened in the woods, but she’s convinced Bonsai and Holly followed the coyotes attacking Lily and then rescued her somehow.

“There’s not one scratch on them,” she said. “I know a coyote won’t back down to dogs. But I don’t know what these two did down there, but they came home with her safe. I think that these dogs understood the urgency of Lily being taken.”

Lily was injured and treated by a vet, but she’s expected to make a full recovery.