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Owner Surrenders Dog to Save Its Life

by Katherine

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When Caylie, a 2-year-old Wheaten-terrier mix, arrived at North Carolina’s Iredell County Animal Control Services, she had burns over half of her body. The dog’s owner surrendered the pet after he tried to cure Caylie from mange but failed.

Caylie recovering from her wounds
Caylie recovering from her wounds

The dog’s original owner believed that pouring motor oil on the canine would cure her mange, but unfortunately this made the dog’s condition worse. Recognizing he could no longer care for his own pet and cure the injuries, the dog owner reached out to animal professionals.

S.A.F.E. Animal Haven rescued Caylie from the shelter and has been covering the pet’s medical costs. Michelle Terninko is currently fostering the injured dog and says that even though Caylie is in extreme pain and has suffered enough, the dog has a great disposition, and will make an excellent family pet once she is 100% healthy.

Tracy Jackson, acting director of Iredell County Animal Control Services, said Caylie’s original owner called them for help after the dog’s motor oil burns where out of control. Because the owner’s actions were not done with malicious intent, he will not face criminal charges.


“Based on North Carolina law, this was not animal cruelty because in our estimation it wasn’t malicious and wasn’t intentional,” Jackson told KHOU.

Caylie is receiving the best care possibly. She has to be sedated three times a week to change her bandages, but the rescue organization believes the pet will make a full recovery and will be placed for adoption once cured.

“You would never know that she was abused,” said Terninko. “[Caylie] loves to have me hold her paws. She licks. She gives kisses. It’s going to be a long road for her. Down the road she’s going to be a great family member for somebody.”