Owners of Lost Dog Found Miles Away Make Tough Decision to Give Up Pet

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Liam, a Husky from Bentonville, Arkansas, got lost back in October 2014, when he was just two-year-old. His owners, the Payne family, searched for him for over 6 months but never found him. Last week, the now four-year-old dog was found 1,600 miles away in Ontario, Calif.

Photo credit: CBS Los Angeles/YouTube
Photo credit: CBS Los Angeles/YouTube

According to CBS Los Angeles a good Samaritan found Liam on the streets of the city. The animal lover picked him up and took him to Inland Valley Humane Society (IVHS) where he was scanned for a microchip. Fortunately one was found.

James Edward with the Humane Society said getting Liam back home is only possible because of that microchip.

“The dog owner had the same address, the same phone number,” Edward said . “He was completely shocked and besides himself at the fact that his dog, two years later was out here in California.”

The Payne family does not have the funds to pay for Liam’s transportation costs, but thanks to animal lovers in the nation, enough donations were collected to fly him home.

Photo credit: CBS Los Angeles/YouTube
Photo credit: CBS Los Angeles/YouTube

However, after seeing the dog on a news report and before the dog could hop on a plane and reunite with his original owners, a local family came forward to claim him as their own.

“Once Liam’s story got media attention two different families surfaced claiming Liam was their pet,” said IVHS on their Facebook page. “Before [we] could fly Liam home to Arkansas, we [had to] sort what information was factual.”

Due to the fact that the dog was found in great health and the local family he had spent the past two years with loved him very much, “the Payne family in Arkansas decided to put the [his] interest ahead of anything else and ultimately decided to forego bringing him back to their home in Arkansas.”

Even though Liam did to go back to his original home, we are glad to know everyone involved thought of his best interests first. His original family is happy knowing Liam is alive, healthy and loved. The pooch is in a perfect place and he feels right at home.