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Palomo Is a Sweet, Shy Boy Who Needs a Kind and Loving Hand to Help Him Become the Best Dog Ever

by Fred

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6.5.17 Palomo1


Meet our buddy, Palomo.  Our friends at the Fulton County Animal Services shelter in Atlanta, Georgia have asked us to share his story with you, and see if we couldn’t maybe find him a good forever home.  They tell us that he’s a shy dog, but once he gets to know you, you’ll get to see just how awesome he really is.  That’s why we’re featuring him as our LWD Adoptable Dog of the Day.

When Palomo was first brought into the shelter, he was utterly terrified.  It’s not hard to see why, as the shelter can often be a scary place at first.  His past isn’t really known to anyone, but what is clear is Palomo most likely was abused, and he seems to be a bit shyer around men.

As mentioned, once he gets to know you, you’ll get to see a completely different side to this dog.  He’s an absolute sweetheart, and loves to make his humans happy.  He’s playful, and is often a goofball.  He’s not what you’d call a super high-energy dog, and is just as happy to play a game as he is to laze about and do nothing at all.

Palomo gets along pretty well with most of the other dogs he’s been around.  He is currently living with a few foster siblings, and according to his foster parents he’s been no problem at all.  He also appears to be crate trained, and is even fine with a bit of travel if necessary.  There was no mention as to how he handles cats.

If you’d like to see Palomo’s bio page, click here.  If you’d like to see the Fulton County Animal Services main page, click here.  To see their Facebook page, click here.