Paralyzed Homeless Dog Learns to Walk Again

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6.12.14 - Paralyzed Dog Walks Again3

A merle Chihuahua was living on the streets alone, his tail broken off and causing immense amounts of pain.  He could barely walk.  But with some love and patience, he learned not only how to walk again, but to run, and he ran right into the arms of his new family.


The Chihuahua had been found wandering the streets alone.  He was scared, starving and in excruciating pain; his tail had been broken off, leaving his bones and nerves exposed.

His spine had become separated from an old injury, and his hind legs were no longer functional.  Amazingly, he learned to walk on just his front legs.

6.12.14 - Paralyzed Dog Walks Again6

This is how he got his name – Hands Solo.  The Mutt Scouts took him in, got him into a foster home and started treatment.

He got surgery on his tail, and was given lots of homemade food.  He was pampered and held, which he loved, and desperately needed.

6.12.14 - Paralyzed Dog Walks Again8

He happily trotted around on his front paws, and spent much of his time soaking up the sun.  He even made a new sunbathing buddy.

It took a long time, but Hands was taught a new trick – running.  On all fours.  He ended up running right into his new adoptive family.

6.12.14 - Paralyzed Dog Walks Again9

He got a very big brother, who became his best friend.  He met some new creatures – kitties – and learned to like them, too.

Hands has faced many challenges in his life, but he hasn’t let them stop him from living life to its fullest.  Every day he is full of smiles and love.

6.12.14 - Paralyzed Dog Walks Again10










4 thoughts on “Paralyzed Homeless Dog Learns to Walk Again”

  1. How sad that this poor little guy had to suffer. Thank you all for being such beautiful people to rescue him!! I love the happy ending! May the rest of his life only know happiness and love.

  2. There are no words for the dedication and expertise of the people who rescued Hands. For the people who left him the way he WAS–a eternity in hell.

  3. If this doggie tale with its horrific beginning and wonderful ending doesn’t make you cry, then you have no soul or humanity. Sweet, precious dog.

  4. Awesome video in so many ways!! Hats off to the kind people out there! ..Can anyone tell me what the 2 tunes are or who the artists of the music in this clip? Kind regards x


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