Patrick’s Abuser Appears in Court Today

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Charged with two fourth-degree offenses for tormenting and torturing an animal, the New Jersey woman accused of starving a pit bull and throwing it down a trash chute was back in court today as a crowd demonstrated outside the courthouse in support of the dog.

Kisha Curtis plead not guilty to animal abuse charges, yet prosecutors maintain that the Newark resident left town for a week with the dog tied to a railing, starving in her apartment.

The judge in the case is expected to consider future court dates and could possibly schedule a trial. Curtis also faces two abandonment charges that could land her in jail for up to six months.

An earlier video is provided for those unfamiliar with what has come to be known as The Patrick Miracle.

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61 thoughts on “Patrick’s Abuser Appears in Court Today”

  1. She is a crazy, vindictive female, and I cannot even say what I think she truly deserves. Certainly more than six months! This should only happen to HER. Shame on this pitiful and terrible “person.” Does she deserve to be called this? You do not mess around with dog lovers, as you don’t understand we all feel that “what goes around, comes around.”

    • Amen 2 that, Very well put, Yes that’s what I say 2, (May your pain not go without justice Patrick!)

      A life is still a life no matter if human or animal.

      They 2 have feelings and everything else We have as well, including a heart, which even a wild animal itself can have more then a human being even, what a pathetic world We live in.

      We bleed They 2 bleed, We breathe, They breathe and everything else 2 etc…

  2. With this kind of law, there will still be and more animal abuse. Don’t they realize that it’s time to change to a more strict law and a better punishment?

    • If the law cannot help the abused and neglected animals who are without voice, we need to speak up and make ourselves be heard. When there is a law that is not working, something is WRONG. These poor animals have love in their hearts and need to be treated with love and cared for. They cannot do it for themselves. It is our responsibility to help them in whatever way we can and by making sure the abusers are prosecuted to the FULLEST extent of the law, and not “maybe” 6 months ! NO…… this is not a fair judgment for abuse. How about at least 5 years….. at least 5 years in a facility where they are not treated with like they are away at a nice camp – To me, isolation would be more like it. That is how Patrick was treated – isolated, chained and hungry. If it was done to animal abusers, I am sure there would be a change. If one cannot take care of their animal, they need to contact an animal rescue facility. There are many who would foster unwanted and abused pets. I could say so much in anger, but my little thoughts would not be enough to help the helpless who need a larger voice.

      • You said it just the it should be said Lynn..let’s all stand for these abused animal and give them a voice, they depend on us. Isn’t it Love that they all want not abuse!!

  3. She needs to be required to work at the city animal shelter scrubbing the kennels and her hands and knees, with her bare hands … FOR LIFE!!

    • No. I often see this offered up as a “solution” for abusers and people who don’t care about animals.
      Seriously, if your animal was lost would you want this person responsible for cleaning all the chemical off of the floor of kennel your dog was housed in?
      I wouldn’t.
      As someone who works at an animal shelter I don’t want people here that don’t care about animals.
      I will let her scrub our big dumpsters of garbage. They can steam clean our “dead” box. They can clean up the papers and garbage the public leave around – but PLEASE… keep them away from the animals!

      • True, I work for an Adoption Center. We’re busy. I don’t need to babysit a person with issues. These aren’t knick knacks that need dusting- these are living, breathing pups and kittens. I have 20 loads of nasty laundry she could do…


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