Pet Owners Cautioned Over Parvo Outbreak in Bollinger County

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Saying that a mild winter may to blame for making conditions ideal for transmission, the Bollinger County Stray Project is warning Missouri pet owners to be aware of what is being called a very serious parvo outbreak.

While outbreaks are more common in the fall, numerous shelters have seen higher than average infection rates this spring. Pet owners are urged to inoculate, and in areas of known cases, isolate their animals.

Parvovirus affects the digestive system and the heart, and is spread by mouth and/or fecal contamination. Dogs infected are often lethargic, suffer from vomiting and a lack of appetite. If you suspect that your dog is infected see a veterinarian immediately: treatment can be expensive, and dogs may remain infectious for weeks.

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19 thoughts on “Pet Owners Cautioned Over Parvo Outbreak in Bollinger County”

  1. All of mine are vaccinated against it but I have seen a friends dog who got it and died cos they weren’t .It is a horrible disease .

  2. Yes parvo can live in the soil for 5 years. Puppies need three shots one every 21 days. Then all adult dogs need a booster once a year. Just because your dog is not a puppy does not mean they are safe. Please vaccinate!


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