Pet Vet Discussion: Ear Problems in Dogs and Cats

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Did you know that one of the top five reasons for visiting the veterinarian with your dog or cat is for ear problems?

Pet Vet contributor Dr. Randy Aronson conducts an in-depth discussion on causes of diseases of the ear, and offers helpful advice on prevention and treatment.

2 thoughts on “Pet Vet Discussion: Ear Problems in Dogs and Cats”

  1. To avoid ear problems, definitely avoid wheat, corn & soy based pet foods. For swimming dogs with healthy ears, or dogs that live in humid areas. Put pure white vinegar in a squeeze spout bottle and squeeze in to fill, then let them shake. Also works great for cat ears too. I do it in the porch before coming inside. I do it daily after swimming or twice a week during the cool months. No ear problems for 9 years with a water dog that lives in a humid area. Very inexpensive solution as white vinegar gallon is $2-$3 sold at walmart, kmart, target or grocery store. Vinegar is natures natural antibacterial solution. Works great for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms and is safe if your pet or child drinks it. Great for human ears too. I even put vinegar on my salads.


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