PETA’s Everyday Dogs Ad

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A new PETA ad is raising hackles and alienating media outlets – de rigueur and certainly not newsworthy in and of itself, but has the the controversial animal rights group taken things a step too far this time?

PETA’s ‘Everyday Dog’ ad features humans engaging in dog related activities with carcasses in body bags, suggesting that for each dog purchased, a dog in a shelter dies. It’s hard to argue with the math, but will the image of a skateboarder dragging a dead dog on a leash convince the general public to adopt and not shop?

Those of us who immerse ourselves in the dog world are certainly accustomed to graphic images and tough news, but even this jaded blogger did a double take a few seconds into the ad. It’s that shocking. PETA issued a press release after KCBS-TV pulled the ad, calling it distasteful:

Los Angeles — After originally agreeing to air PETA’s controversial “Everyday Dogs” public service announcement (PSA), KCBS-TV has reversed its decision and has pulled the ad off the air, calling it “distasteful.” War, child abuse, and the killing of homeless dogs and cats—these are distasteful subjects that are hard to sugarcoat. However, we found a way to make our message wry: the PSA features people attempting to do things that they’d normally do with their dogs such as playing fetch and going for jogs—but instead of live dogs, their “best friends” are dead carcasses in body bags.

“Yes, the ad is distasteful—that’s the whole point,” says PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange. “There is absolutely nothing ‘tasteful’ about the euthanasia of millions of dogs in animal shelters every year simply because people who could have opened their homes to a shelter dog purchased a dog from a breeder or pet store instead.”

What is your reaction? Is it necessary to push the limits so far in order to spread the adoption message? Or will PETA’s heavy handed tactics fall on deaf ears as offended dog lovers tune out?

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33 thoughts on “PETA’s Everyday Dogs Ad”

  1. It is quite true that PETA is hypocritical as they euthanize so many of the animals they rescue in their undercover operations. It’s been kept hidden to so many of us until recently. PETA would sacrific individual animals for “the cause.” As for the commercial, sometimes shock has its value, but once there is recognition of an issue, one needs solid education. Turning off most of the people you’re trying to reach isn’t going to turn their minds — just bring publicity to PETA once again.

  2. I would also like to add to the others comments about PETA. PETA’s agenda is to eliminate pet ownership altogether. Their hidden agenda motto is “beter off dead” which to others readers’ points is why they euthanize so many animals.

    I used to be one of the misguided and was a PETA supporter until I realized what their actual agenda is.

    I watched a documentary on Ingrid Newkirk, one of the founders. She does not have companion animals. She doesn’t beliive anyone shoud. PETA has done some good over the years, but with any fanatical, zealot group, they try to go too far. My hope is that some of their campaigns help move society in the right direction of better treatment for all animals, BUT that they never are able to reach the complete goals.

    • For my last sentence, I meant that they are never able to reach their complete goals which are eliminate pet ownership.

  3. It doesn’t matter if you buy or adopt you pet, PETA is still killing almost all of the pets that are brought into their care, about 97%. Get a life PETA. You are such a waste. I wish more publicity was brought to how many animals that you kill because you don’t in fact care about animals at all or giving second chances to pets.

  4. PETA and Greenpeace are funded and backed by uninformed people of what really happens in these two radical organizations. I have seen it firsthand.

  5. I called peta to help with a huge case and they wouldn’t now theres animals dead just like their video here! They could have saved thousands but they saved none insted. Everytime I see a dieing animal I think of them and their lies!

  6. PETA has gone over the edge for the average dog and horse owner such as myself. While I don’t like sealing baby seals killed, I think they went way too far in their newer ads. I will adopt when I find the right animal and also buy from reputable breeders. PETA will never get a cent of my money. I will work to get all the adoptable dogs and cats in my area taken care of first. Too bad they don’t put the money they spent on this ad into something more constructive.

  7. This ad is so odd that it’s bound to make people think. I like it. That is exactly what people are doing when they purchase a dog – killing another dog in a shelter. This should make even semi-conscious people think about it. I don’t, however, care for PETA.


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