Petland to Phase Out Sales of Cats and Dogs

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One of Canada’s largest pet retailers will no longer offer puppies and kittens for sale.

Petland says it will permanently cease the sale of the animals at its stores nationwide. Petland’s CEO says the decision “reflects the fundamental change in the way consumers are sourcing and purchasing puppies, resulting in a decrease of sales within pet stores.”

CEO Robert Brissette says the decision was not an easy one to make. “Putting healthy and happy puppies into good homes has always been a core and proud part of our business, but we acknowledge the changes in the way people now shop for their pets,” he says in a statement.

Brissette says Canadians looking to add a pet to their family should seek out a seller who is responsibly breeding healthy dogs. Petland plans to expand it’s Adopt-a-Pet program, and will work with animal rescues across Canada in doing so.

“Petland’s increased efforts to help adopt animals in need through store adoptions could make a significant contribution to ending animal homelessness in this city,” said Patricia Cameron, Executive Director of the Calgary Humane Society.

“As long as there are still animals without homes we encourage the public to adopt animals through pet stores that provide adoption space or through reputable breeders, shelters and rescue organizations.”

11 thoughts on “Petland to Phase Out Sales of Cats and Dogs”

  1. Let’s hope this place will at least have some shelter animals on display in their stores; esp on the weekends…..our Petco here does this….give the shelter animals a chance…..

  2. I would like to see Petland adopt this same policy in the United States. I am involved in a couple of rescue groups and have been on hand when a few “puppy mill” facilities were shut down by the authorities. The sights, sounds, and smells at these facilities are forever burned into my memory. I constantly try to educate people to buy pet supplies only from merchants who do not sell animals. I do encourage people to shop where the stores offer kiosks with shelter pets. I also encourage people to do thorough research on where their puppy was born and ask them to see the parents of the puppy and visit the breeder. I also urged people to ask for medical records on the puppy and parents. Consumer Awareness and Research is key when adding a pet to the family.

  3. Well, it’s a start. Never buy a dog from a pet store. The pet stores only get dogs from puppy mills. NO REPUTABLE BREEDER WOULD EVER SELL THEIR PUPPIES TO A PET STORE!!! You can find all kinds of dogs, cats, and other pets from rescues, shelters, and if you must, reputable breeders who only breed their dogs once a year, have their puppies screened for genetic defects, and screen their applicants thoroughly.

    • Not all pet stores buy from “puppy mills”….so quit lumping us into one catagory…and reputable breeders DO sell to pet stores….you need to know who your dealing with, and how clean their facility is, and how well they care for their animals.

      • ALL pet store dogs come from puppy mills! Don’t go on websites spewing lies such as yours. It only hurts the cause. If you don’t have anything to say to help end puppy mills or to end the sale of puppies in pet stores, then please keep your comments to yourself.
        And as for Sandie: when the puppies get too old at the pet stores, they find rescues for these dogs so wait until that takes place. Petland should not make on red cent on a puppy mill dog. That thinking has kept puppy mills open and thriving.

    • Yea, but remember these animals also need a forever home. And also they feel the same as pound babies. I don’t understand. It’s sad to see any animal unwanted or turned away just because where he/she came from. Don’t be so cruel! And don’t judge me, I have plenty of rescues here at my home. I just know the animals at Petland ect ect…. need love too.


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