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PetSmart Groomer Arrested on Animal Abuse Charge in San Francisco Bay Area

by Adrea

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Juan Zarate of San Francisco was arrested on Felony Animal Cruelty following the death of a 1-year old dachshund that had been brought in for grooming (Photo: KTVU)


According to a news report from KTVU, an San Francisco Bay area station, San Mateo police reported to a PetSmart location following the report of a dog dying on the premise.  Arrested was  38-year old Juan Zarate, San Francisco, the groomer who claimed something was wrong with the dog about 3 minutes after the owner, a San Mateo resident, had dropped off his 1-year old dachshund to be groomed.  


Zarate was holding the dog as he came out of the groomer’s office saying the dog was suffering from a medical emergency.  The dog was taken over to the on-site vet who immediately saw the dog, who was visibly bleeding from the mouth, was having difficulty breathing.  In spite of the vet’s efforts, the dog passed away about a minute later.


A post mortem X-ray showed the dog suffered from a pair of broken ribs and a lung puncture.  Investigation by the San Mateo Police reveal that actions taken by Zarate were likely to have contributed to the animal’s death. Subsequent investigation by San Mateo Police officers determined that deliberate actions committed by Zarate likely contributed to the animal’s death. He was arrested on scene and booked for Felony Animal Cruelty. A necropsy will be conducted in the next few days by the The Peninsula Humane Society – SPCA who took the deceased dog into their custody.