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Petunia’s Journey to Survive and Thrive

by Katherine

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On May 28, 2014, a Good Samaritan discovered a badly injured puppy in an alley behind Deacon Hill Court in Brooklyn. The dog was weak, malnourished and its skin was covered in scabs.

“Someone had to have placed her there since she was unable to stand up or walk on her own” wrote Noah’s Ark Rescue on their web page.

Immediately, the puppy was taken to Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) and there rescuers worked with Noah’s Ark Rescue to save its life.

BARCS originally thought the puppy, named first Deacon but now known as Petunia, was suffering from an extreme case of Demodex, but once Noah’s Ark’s specialty vets from Columbia, S.C. examined the dog, they concluded that the six-month-old Pit bull had previously been set on fire.

Petunia when found (left) and after being treated (right). Photo Credit: BARCS Animal Shelter/Facebook - Noah's Ark Rescue (right).
Petunia when found (left) and after being treated (right).
Photo Credit: BARCS Animal Shelter/Facebook – Noah’s Ark Rescue (right).


All of Petunia’s wounds were infected and she required surgery to remove all the necrotic tissue. For this, the innocent canine was sedated and the procedure was repeated several days.

This sweet little angle is kept on pain medication and this allows her to move freely without being in constant pain. Her various skin infections are being fought with strong antibiotics, and vets hope she will make a full recovery once her six- to eight-week treatment is over. For now, veterinarians are monitoring her closely, ensuring she is eating well, and showering her with love.

Her skin condition has improved greatly compared to the sickly state she was found in. The dog now walks and eats on her own, wags her tail and gives sweet kisses to all those dedicated veterinarians and technicians that are helping her heal. She will be available for adoption once she heals.

Authorities have opened an investigation to try to find the person(s) who abused and abandoned Petunia. BARCS is asking the public for help and anyone with information should contact Animal Control directly at 410-396-4689. There is a reward for anyone with information that leads to an arrest.

If you are interested in donating towards Petunia’s medical care, you can do so online.

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