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Phoenix Almost Fully Recovered And Now Helping Others


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Once burned puppy helps raise money

phoenixSix-months ago Phoenix’s story swept the nation. The Jack Russell Terrier puppy survived the horrible cruelty of being lit on fire. Now almost fully recovered Phoenix is helping others.

Phoenix is doing much better than he was six months ago and is almost fully recovered. “For the most part he’s healed,” said Phoenix’s foster mom Jude Bunge. “He has some problems with his left leg but for the most part he’s functional and he’s happy.”

On Thursday Phoenix helped raise money for the March of Dimes campaign. Phoenix helped raise money by taking pictures with people for $5. Initially the fundraiser said half the money would go to the March of Dimes and half would go to Phoenix and the Buffalo Animal Shelter but then Bunge made a surprise announcement. “On behalf of the shelter, Phoenix would like to donate his portion back to the March of Dimes.”

Bunge says that so much money has come in from animal lovers all over to support Phoenix and other animals at the Buffalo Animal Shelter that Phoenix didn’t need the money raised at the March of Dimes fundraiser. Phoenix is focusing on getting fully recovered and finding his forever home. Currently the shelter is reviewing applications from people wanting to adopt him, but when he will be placed hasn’t been determined yet.