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Pirelli – A Very Special, Special-Needs Puppy


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Pirelli was born without a back paw but he still has a job.

Canine Assistants, a non profit organization based in Milton, GA, trains service dogs for children and adults with disabilities. Pirelli, a Golden Retriever and Lab mix puppy, was born minus a back paw. What better example of teaching people with disabilities than a puppy who doesn’t know he’s different? Pirelli is now in training to be a service dog but there’s a hitch…he needs a boot.

Canine Assistants is raising money to get Pirelli a special boot. Since he’s still a puppy, Pirelli will soon outgrow his boot and will need new ones as he gets bigger. Through Groupon, dog lovers can donate $10 toward Funding Prosthetic Paw for Pirelli the Puppy until August 14th.

Mickey’s Kids Charitable Foundation will match the donations up to $600 and an anonymous donor will match donations up to $25,000. The money will go toward the costs of Pirelli’s boots that he’ll need until he becomes a year old. At that time, a vet at North Carolina State University will attach a permanent prosthesis to his leg bone that will allow the bone to move with him when he walks.

In the meantime, Pirelli will keep doing his job as a spokesdog for Canine Assistants. Big shoes to fill for such a little guy but he’s up for it.