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Pit Bull Adopts Baby Goat as Her Puppy


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Love knows no limitations for this odd couple.

A 2 year old pit bull mix, Piper, has been caring for a young goat, appropriately named “GP” which stands for Goat Puppy. The pair both belong to Oklahoma native, Julie Free.
When GP was born, his was in poor health and not doing well. Piper began nuzzling the young goat and eventually, GP came around.

“Piper started nuzzling on him and he actually kinda came around,” said Julie.

Since then, wherever Piper goes, GP is right there tagging along behind. When Piper is too far away, GP gets quite upset.

A few weeks ago, GP injured his leg. With his leg all taped up, GP

hasn’t been able to run around like he used to. Of course, that hasn’t stopped the pair from lounging around together.

When Piper began companion dog school, GP went along with him. Staff at the school say GP has picked up a thing or two as well.

“This isn’t the kind of thing people tell you about pit bulls,” said Free.

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Piper and her "puppy" GP are inseparable.
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The pair enjoy hanging out in the same crate together too.