Pit Bull Living Dangerously Close to Highway Rescued

by Fred

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12.17.15 - pit rescueFEAT

Veyron is an abandoned pit bull rescued from living on the side of a busy and often dangerous highway.  Michele Claseri ha been trying fruitlessly for weeks trying to get to the dog for a rescue, so Eldad Hagar and Hope for paws were called in for the assist.  It still wasn’t an easy task to get their hands on Veyron.  After all, if you’ve spent the better part of your life avoiding humans for one reason or another, you start to get good at it.

12.17.15 - pit rescue2

It took many tried to get Veyron on a leash, but eventually they got him.  He was such a sweet dog, if completely terrified of people.  Once he was on Hagar’s lucky leash, the second phase of the rescue could start.

12.17.15 - pit rescue3

Veyron was brought to a local shelter, where he underwent a full medical checkup.  For a street dog, Veyron was in very good shape medically.  He was given a bath and some food, and was then on his way to a foster home.

12.17.15 - pit rescue4

He’s now waiting on a forever family.  He’s still quite afraid of people, but with time and effort could be a very good choice for a loyal and loving family dog.  If you’d like more information on Veyron, or any other available animals rescued, you can visit Hope for Paws by clicking here.  To view their Facebook page, click here.