Pit Bull Saves Woman from Attacker in Home Invasion

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A 20-year-old Indiana woman says that her loyal dogs saved her during an attempted home invasion on Wednesday. Valparaiso police reported to an apartment in the 100 block of Madison Street yesterday after the woman answered a knock from a man at the front door.

When she looked through the peephole, she says she recognized the man. He had been at her apartment two weeks ago asking for someone who didn’t live there. She told police that she called for her sleeping boyfriend to wake up and opened the door a few inches with a security chain still in place.

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She asked what he wanted, and the suspect claimed that his car had broken down. He asked if he could use her phone. When she replied and said that her phone was out of order, the man kicked through her storm door and threw his weight against the entry door, breaking the security chain and throwing the door open.

Alarmed, the woman screamed for help. Her boyfriend and another man living with them came running. So did her two pit bulls. They had been resting in the bedroom and when they heard her cry for help, they ran into the living room and met the intruder as he came through the door.

One of the dogs sprang ahead and bit the suspect on the arm. The man turned and ran through the front door with the dog still clamped down on his arm. When he managed to shake the dog off, it grabbed him by the leg.

The woman’s boyfriend and their tenant pursued the suspect and caught up to him as he met a waiting accomplice. After a brief altercation, both suspects ran away.

Officers arrived a few moments later. They were unable to locate the two men, but they did find a trail of blood leading out of an alley next to the home. The suspects were last seen heading toward Chicago Street.

The chief suspect is described as a white male of average height, weighing around 200 pounds. He was wearing dark basketball shorts and no shirt. Anyone with information regarding the incident is urged to contact police at (219) 462-0717.