Pit bull Seeks Safe-Haven at Fire Station

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On Monday, June 30, 2014, an injured three-year-old female Pit bull, walked into Philadelphia’s Engine 9 Ladder 21 Fire Station with the last strength she had in her body. The canine, named Guenevere by the firefighters, had been severely injured around her neck and was close to dying, but thanks to Firefighter Ryan Craig, that Monday was not the last Monday of her short life.

The injured dog wanted help, and somehow knew that in a fire station she would find the help she desperately needed.

“We kind of pride ourselves in the department, on being a pro-active member of the community and taking care of the community,” Firefighter Craig told My Fox News. “Not everybody in the community walks on two legs, you know?”

Guenevere healing with her foster dad Ryan Craig.
Guenevere healing with her foster dad Ryan Craig.


When the fire squad saw the wounded pet they knew they had to help. They contacted Animal Control and an officer took Guenevere to the shelter, yet they informed the firefighters the dog would only get 48 hours to get rescued or adopted, and if no one came forward to save her, she would be euthanized.

For Craig, allowing Guenevere to die was not an option, especially after he felt she wanted to live. The concerned fireman looked for help online and he started a GoFundMe.com page to raise funds to cover the dog’s medical costs. Surprisingly, within two days he had raised $2,000 and the dog was well on her way to get the medical attention she needed.

Dr. Carrie Hutchinson from Rockledge Veterinary Clinic said the dog had been used as a bait dog.

“I think she was hung numerous times,” said Dr. Hutchinson. “And I think they allowed other dogs to attack her.”

As soon as Guenevere was assessed by specialists, they went to work to save her life. They cleaned her wounds, sutured those that were large and deep, and gave her antibiotics to fight infections.

Graig not only raise the funds to save the dog’s life, he and his fiance Emily Pugh are fostering Guenevere until she heals and finds a loving forever home.

“I haven’t stopped crying,” said Pugh. “I’ve been crying since I heard. The fact that anyone can hurt an animal it’s so beyond me.”

Thanks to Craig, his fellow firefighters, his fiancé, Dr. Hutchinson, and the hundreds of people who donated online, Guenevere is healing and is expected to fully recover. She’s not only recovering, but she had already lined up a family interested in adopting her once she is ready to move to a forever home.

Good luck Guenevere, may you never again fall into abusive hands.


15 thoughts on “Pit bull Seeks Safe-Haven at Fire Station”

  1. Why is every dog with injuries a bait dog?

    Newsflash: Bait dogs rarely survive, and if they do they are far worse than this dog. This dog was used for fighting.

  2. Whether used to fight or bait dog? The critical point made is to call attention to DOG FIGHTING HAPPENING IN OUR OWN NEIGHBORHOODS. All dog fighting ris abuse regardless of which end of the spectrum that a fig is used.

    • So why misrepresent the dog? It’s a fighting dog, what if it mauls the neighbors golden retreiver because people think it’s only a bait dog?

      • There’s no such thing as a fighting dog – only those who have been made to do so.
        You seem to know a lot about this disgusting “sport”. Maybe too much????

          • I grew up with pits and none of them willingly fought. Most of them were submissive to cats for crying out loud. You really need to research the breed before you vomit-up media bs.

      • But you just said what is key here, “what if?”

        So “what if” you get in a rage driving next week and run another drive off the road. Should we lock you up now since you MIGHT, hurt someone next week? Your lack of logic and understanding of dog behavior indicates to me that you are making your entire judgement on media hype. So base on that assumption I would say you are NOT in the position to assess this dog or any other canine. So do us all a favor and stop your armchair psychological evaluations of canine behavior!

  3. You are incredibly ignorant and it’s not true that all bait dogs die. Also many fighting dogs are rehabilitated and adopted and live happily in families and with other dogs. You sound like a total jack ass.

  4. Average pitbull are sweet and loving. Great familypets. You hiwever I woukdnt let near my children..let alone my pitbull.

  5. Pitbulls are the most loving dogs I ever came across…. why people hurt and abuse ANY animal is truly beyond me. Animals are so much better than humans any day. it is sad to think of the monsters in this world who harm animals. If they can do that imagine what they can do to another human being. I do hope this dog goes to her forever home where she will be loved and cared for. Good luck little lady.

  6. I own a PITBULL. You need to be educated about the breed. He is loving and sweet dog. He is a shelter dog. My next dog be another pit. It is people like you that give it a bad name. Go to the shelter and see how many of these dog are loving and sweet.

  7. So all pitbulls love to fight? Hmm. Explain Michael Vicks dog who was a fighter and was rehabilitated and is now a therapy dog. You base your opinion on media stories and probably have never owned a pit in your life. Your argument is invalid. Thank God this firefighter didn’t judge and she’s ok.


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