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Pit Bulls Are the New Breed of Police Dogs

by Katherine

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Pit bulls have had a bad reputation and people swear they are the most dangerous dog breed ever, but this statement isn’t even remotely true. We’ve grown used to seeing German shepherds and Belgian Malinois as police dogs, but how would you feel if pit bulls become the next generation of K-9 officers? Animal Farm Foundation and Universal K9 have joined forces to prove skeptics that pit bulls are not just great dogs, but also a breed we can trust our lives to.


Kiah the Pit bull while working as a police dog. Photo credit:
Kiah the pit bull while working as a police dog. Photo credit:




The two organization work together to save pit bulls from shelters and train them to become police dogs. Animal Farm Foundations covers the cost of the training while Universal K9 prepares the dogs to be outstanding citizens and K9 officers.

The program has successfully placed nine pit bulls across different police departments and these four-legged officers have proved they can do the jobs as well as German shepherds or Malinois can.

Kiah is one of the nine K-9 detective pit bulls in the nation and she works along side her partner, Officer Justin Bruzgul from the Poughkeepsie Police Department. She is patrol certified and also trained to track missing adults and children.



Kiah playing with her partner. Photo credit:
Kiah playing with her partner. Photo credit:




“It is nice to have her as my partner,” Bruzgul told “I know she will be there, she will have my back if I need her and she will do whatever I need her to do.”

Training shelter dogs to do police work is a cost-effective measure because police departments no longer spend excessive amounts of money buying their four-legged officers from breeders. Money is not the only thing this program saves – lives are saved too.

Once again, here’s another example of why it pays to give pit bulls a second chance.




Rescued Pit Bulls On Patrol…They should do this in every town! Video credit: Natasha Scully

Posted by on Saturday, February 6, 2016