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Pizza Guy Delays Delivery to Rescue Lost Dog

by Amy Drew

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image 36
It turned out Snickers’ family had recently moved. The lost dog may have been trying to find his way back to the old house. Photo: Steven Donovan


Steven Donovan was out on the job, delivering pizza, when he saw a small dog darting amid traffic on a busy road.

“I was about to turn onto a major road and I saw him run across the street,” Donovan told The Dodo. “I immediately turned around and went back. I couldn’t just leave the dog out there.”

Donovan went after him, taking him to the safety of the car. His tag read “Snickers,” and he only lived a couple of miles from where Donovan rescued him. But before he could deliver Snickers home, he had to deliver a pizza.

“The dog was really chill,” Donovan said. “He didn’t try and eat the pizza at all.”
guy rescues dog while delivering pizzas.

The new pizza duo headed to the delivery location; Snickers waited in the car. Donovan explained the reason he was late and the customers understood completely.

“I told them, ‘I’m sorry your pizza is late; I just had to rescue this dog first,'” Donovan said.

Although the pup lived off his route, Donovan took him home, even though there was a chance his supervisors wouldn’t be happy about it. He figured helping the dog get back to his family was more important.

“I wouldn’t mind getting fired over this,” Donovan said. “I mean, it’s a dog running in the street. I had to help him.”

Snickers seemed to recognize he was getting close to home as they drove.

image 37
The ride was brief, but Donovan and Snickers had a good time on their journey home. Photo: Steven Donovan


“He perked up and noticed this was his neighborhood, and he was wagging his tail and getting all excited,” Donovan said.

It ended up being a case of delayed address change! Snickers’ dad had recently moved, but the collar tag hadn’t been changed. Donovan connected with some of Mr. Snickers’ former neighbors, who promised they’d reunite him with his proper owner. Donovan figured Snickers had gotten loose from the new place, got confused, and perhaps tried to find his way back to the old one.

Donovan felt good about making sure he was safe. And snapped a few fun pics along the way to commemorate their adventure.