Playful Dog Takes Down Dad’s Brand New Christmas Drone

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A Canadian man was trying to celebrate his Christmas morning by launching a small drone from his backyard.  Unfortunately, his dog had other plans.  Either he really despises drones, or just hates being left out of the action!

The man had only gotten his drone a few feet off the ground when his dog comes bolting from out of nowhere and launches himself at it.

“Oh look, dad got a cool flying toy for me!  Now THIS is what I call fetch!”

Though drones can have very sharp blades, fortunately this one was small and the dog wasn’t wounded.

“He’s OK, not hurt. He’s lucky though. Those blades can cut really bad[ly]. He wasn’t injured,” the YouTube video’s description reads. “No damage to the drone, it fell on soft snow.”

And at least dad didn’t have to be as disappointed on Christmas as this poor girl…