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PLEASE HELP! Emergency Situation as Peabody Was Dumped-Off by Foster Parents!

by Fred

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We have a bit of an emergency situation that we’ve been made aware of, and Peabody needs our help.  He’s with Havok’s Wolfpack, and was part of a foster program, but for some reason, his foster parents dumped him off at a boarding facility!  Now he needs our help finding a new home!

Let’s see what Havok’s Wolfpack has to say about Peabody:

Meet Peabody, our beautiful and playful young Labrador Pointer mix.  He will be fresh from his Texas freedom ride on Wednesday 21st of December.






He is playful, adventurous and shows puppy curiosity towards everyone he meets.  He gets on great with other dogs and people.  He arrives fully vaccinated and ready for his new Colorado home and lifestyle.  Wiley knows just how miraculous a turn his life have taken when he was picked out by Havok’s Wolfpack and he is determined to live his new life to the fullest in the most playful and adventurous way, hopefully, with you!







Unfortunately, one of our fosters let us down and dumped 2 of our dogs at a boarding facility.  We have been working overtime to find foster homes for them by the end of the day, the boarding facility is fully booked tonight.  We have managed to get a foster for one but we still have one we need to find a foster for the second dog.