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PLEASE HELP: Quincy Was Neglected, Then Tossed Out on the Streets to Die

by Fred

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WARNING! This video is VERY hard to watch!  The fact that anyone could do something like this to an animal speaks VOLUMES about what type of people they are.

Thankfully, he’s in the good hands of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.  Please consider donating if you can.  We understand money is touch, but without us, Quincy might not make it.  We thank you for any donations made in advance to this very worthy cause.  Let’s pull together for Quincy!



From Rescue Dogs Rock NYC:  911 EMERGENCY!

Quincy is being rushed to the emergency hospital right now!

This is his only hope at survival!  Donations needed!  This video is one of the most heartbreaking depictions of the plight of a shelter animal who has been left to die and thrown out like a piece of garbage!

Quincy was found wandering the Atlanta GA streets and was picked up by animal control after a Good Samaritan called into the shelter.  He was actually wearing ID tags and his owner was called by the shelter and they stated he has been missing for a week. His owner then stated, “No thanks we don’t want him back!”

Quincy is a skeleton and in very critical condition.  He looks so sad, he’s weak and defeated.  You can tell from the matted fur he has been suffering tremendously and fighting the outside elements with no food shelter or water.  Our hearts are shattered right now.

We must help Quincy!  This is so unfair!  Quincy’s only hope is to be rushed to the Emergency Hospital for life saving medical care.  He deserves this chance!  To walk in the Emergency Hospital is $1000 which includes very little.  We need help!

Please donate to Quincy!

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