Police and Animal Rescuers save Dog Abandoned near High-Speed Road

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Dulce right after being rescued.
Dulce right after being rescued.

On August 27, 2013, Spanish police made a call to CAAN (Centro de Acollida e Protección Animal) after receiving a phone call from a local resident reporting an abandoned dog in deplorable conditions in Vilanova de Arousa.

Animal rescuers headed to the location and found a senior, male Boxer in serious need.

The Boxer now named Dulce (Sweet), had difficulty standing due to the advanced state of malnutrition and dehydration he was in. The canine also had a cut and displayed various skin illnesses.

Luckily for Dulce, veterinarians are giving him the help he needs. Dulce was started on a re-hydration program and his skin lesions were treated. He will be slowly re-introduced to solid food until he is ready to eat on his own.

According to the newspaper Faro de Vigo, abandoning animals on high traffic roads is very common in Spain. The population of stray animals is so large, that these innocent pets end up causing fatal car accidents not only for those driving the vehicles, but also for the animals themselves.

Veterinarians say Spain has irresponsible dog owners who rather “throw their dogs away” instead of getting them the medical attention they need, as was the case with Dulce.

We hope Dulce makes a full recovery and finds a forever loving home soon.