Police Officer Adopts Dog After Hit-and-Run and Pays for Surgery to Save His Leg

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8.19.16 - Officer Young and Tango

Officer Erin Young is a police officer in Florida, and also a big fan of dogs.  When she came across a dog limping about all on his own near a middle school in the town of Margate, she called animal control to come in and assist.  She spent about an hour waiting for help to arrive, and during that time, there was a bond developing.  Officer Young may not have known at that point, but her life was about to change.

According to officer Young, two people in the area claimed to be eyewitnesses to the dog being hit by a car.  Unfortunately, no one caught the license plate of the vehicle in question.  Regardless, something had to be done for this injured little guy.  The best course of action was to call animal control, then try to locate the dog’s humans.

Later that day, the dog’s humans were identified, and were told about what had happened. They informed animal control that they didn’t have the money to pay for any surgeries for the dog, and decided to surrender him to animal control.  After Officer Young found out about that, she knew she had to step in again.

“I saw him being walked and he had his little cast on, so I stopped to see how he was doing and they said he was going to have his leg amputated on Wednesday because the owners couldn’t afford the surgery,” she said.  “That just broke my heart. I didn’t want this poor puppy to lose his leg because no one would pay for it.”

That’s not all this wonderful person did for this dog. When she found out it was official that the dog was surrendered, she stepped in and adopted him as well.  She’s taken to calling him Tango, and the bond that developed while waiting for help to arrive, will have a chance to grow into a life-long friendship.

“I said that I would adopt him as well as pay for his surgery,” she said, adding that she believes fate brought them together. “I didn’t have to go help look for the dog, I chose to, and I’m glad I did, because it put us together.”

3 thoughts on “Police Officer Adopts Dog After Hit-and-Run and Pays for Surgery to Save His Leg”

  1. why do people own these animals if they cant afford to maintain them, kudos to the officer that took over and adopted the poor doggy,may they have a happy life together.

    • Awesome for this officer and this dog. But in defense of the previous owners… You made a starement abiut being able to afford to maintain them… Maintaining, such as proper housing, food and regular vet care is a far cry from something unexpected such as this, serious illness, etc. Things happen and come up in life where not everyone is able to reach into a pocket, bank account, whatever to cover unexpected major expenses for their furbabies…heck people find themselves in similar situations with their human family members. You get furbabies, have children, knowing you can provide the basics such as love, shelter, food, clothing and pray that will always be enough. If we waited until we had enough money to cover anything that may arise, we would never have either. I personally would find a way for my children (fur and human) but we cant judge people when we have no idea what their circimstances are..:they may be heartbroken that they cant provide at this time, and felt the best thing for him was to surrender him – the alternative may have been to euthanize him. Please consider these things before passing judgement.

  2. Thank you officer for not being selfish. Small deeds like this would not get unnoticed. The love and devotion of Tango to you for the rest of his life is more than enough payment for the time and money you spent on him. bless you.


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