Police Officer Kidnaps Dog Sentenced to Death

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A Facebook campaign launched to save the life of a dog sentenced to death took an interesting turn when police officer Lars Bo Lomholt went above and beyond the call of duty, kidnapping him from the kennel where he was being held, and rushing him away to a safehouse.

The Copenhagen Post originally reported that Thor had been kidnapped from his holding cell. At first, it was believed that the dog’s savior was impersonating a police offer as a means of disguise. Only later was it revealed that an actual animal loving member of the force had taken it upon himself to save the dog.

Anne Eklund shared the following translated version of the daring rescue on Facebook:

This Danish policeman, Lars Bo Lomholt, is A Real Man. Due to a quirk in Danish law, a new widow’s only solace, her dog, was about to be euthanized. The dog had bitten another dog, but passed the mental tests required with flying colours, and the elderly lady offered to do everything required to keep her dog. That should have been the end of the story.

The dog bitten had, however, developed an infection and that’s where the quirk in Danish law comes in. Proceedings halted and the widow’s dog was scheduled for euthanasia the next day.

Officer Lars Bo Lomholt thought that this was wrong. So wrong that he put his entire career on the line, turning up at the dog pound in his police uniform and having the doomed dog released to him that night. The dog, Thor, was taken to see a vet and then to an undisclosed location, where he is doing as well as can be expected, separated from his mummy, shortly after losing his daddy.

Officer Lars Bo Lumholt fully expects to be fired next week. A petition to save his job has been started at Care2. Thor remains safe at an undisclosed location.

72 thoughts on “Police Officer Kidnaps Dog Sentenced to Death”

  1. As a solider your supposed to save lives right!well this man did what he was supposed to do Does it matter what creature it is human!dog!cat! ,turtle no it does not matter and if your not Smart enough to realize it dont be apart of the gov anything or judicial things this dogs life was saved! Why don’t people get it! Animals are like ppl

  2. Another Lennox…… Thank you kind sir for being human/humane in the midst of people, unknowing, and careless with the miricale of life.

  3. thanks to the officer for saving THOR, this officer is one special man in my book. I don’t think he should lose his job of rescuing THOR, I don’t call it kidnapping, THOR needs to be back with his owner as long as the owner can take care of him, or just keep him in the safe house so he won’t be put down, thanks again to the officer.


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