Police Officer Rescues and Adopts Discarded Bait Dog

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Two week ago, Anniston police officers Matthew Preuninger and Brian Scott were on patrol on the 300 block of Chestnut Street in Anniston, Alabama when they came upon a sight they were not expecting. They encountered a bait dog clinging to life. The officers stopped, rescued the dog, and rushed him to a vet. The injured puppy was later adopted by one of the officers.

Preuninger said that while they were driving towards the dog, they weren’t sure what they were looking at, but once they passed the puppy, they couldn’t believe what they had found.



“It just looked weird. The closer we got the more strange it looked and when we passed it, I was like, wow,” Preuninger told ABC News.

The puppy was completely covered in blood and suffered from a swollen head due to sustaining multiple bite wounds. He was completely malnourished and needed immediate medical attention.

The officers rushed him to Anniston Veterinary Hospital where Dr. Tom Beam and his team helped stabilize the puppy and set him on the path to recovery.

When officer Preuninger’s wife learned of the puppy, she insisted on adopting the pet, and the dog’s rescuers couldn’t be any happier.

“I wanted him,” Preuninger said. “It was my partner’s and my responsibility to bring him here. I wanted to see him get the best care he needed and I wanted to be that one.”

Preuninger and his wife named the puppy Phil. He is now in a loving home where he will never again have to fight or endure any type of abuse.

To learn more about Phil, follow him on Facebook at Operation Phil.

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        • The feds went after Vic but theUSFWS Wildlife Services Div uses dogs to hunt down wolves,coyotes and bears mountain lions,many animals, then the federal agent watches the fight on the taxpayers dime, many are in a trap and cant escape and are ripped up check it out theyre on Utube

        • The worst thing is Vick did not do jail time for his fighting, killing or torturing those dogs. He did jail time from gambling. How sick is that!

      • It happens in some states when they use dogs to hunt coyotes and bears and wolves,Go to the website of Bear Hounders and see their dogs rip apart a bear cub for fun all legal,every year in the spring early summer after the bears bring out their cubs the Hounders come to Michigans UP and turn their dogs loose on wildlife ,it legal called training…same in WIS and many states

    • Thank you – Phil will live a long and loving life…. I hope karma gets those you would do just horrific things!

  1. aw thanks guys, these poor doggys, what is wrong with the punks that do this, they are f**in animals, they are the ones that should be shot on sight, not the dogs, thanks again for restoring faith officers x


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