Police Officer Rescues Dog Bound with Wire

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On September 8, 2014, a police officer from Hallsville, Texas, responded to an animal cruelty call and found an abandoned small dog leashed with a wire. The make-shift leash prevented the dog from reaching any food or water.

Photo Credit: Hallsville Police Department
Photo Credit: Hallsville Police Department


The dog’s hind legs were tightly wrapped with the wire and because of it, the white and gray hair pet wasn’t able to move and reach a bowl of undrinkable water left near him. Since the pet’s movements were restricted, he also suffered from Fire ant bites.

The person who reported the abuse told police the dog had been abandoned for some days. The pet owner’s had not been seen on the property for a while.

The rescue officer cut off the wire from the pet’s legs and obtained a seizure warrant to remove the dog from its home.

“The dog was transported to a rescue facility where he was given medical attention and care,” posted Hallsville Police on their Facebook wall.

A police investigation led to the identification of the dog’s owner. That person was arrested on September 10th, and five days later, the animal abuser was scheduled to appear in court to plea for possession of the dog, however, the pet owner failed to appear in court and the abused pet was awarded to a rescue facility.

Photo Credit: Pam Crump
Photo Credit: Pam Crump


The pet is being cared and will soon be available for adoption.

For more information visit Hallsville Police Department Facebook wall.