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Police Officer Rescues Injured Dog from Train Tracks

by Melanie

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3.22.13 Train Track Rescue


Hillsboro, Oregon police officer Megan Hewitt was on a routine traffic stop when she heard a dog cry out.  Looking around, she saw an SUV heading down the street and a German shepherd running.  She surmised the dog had been hit, and told the driver she had pulled over that this dog needed her attention.

The dog scampered into a field and out of sight.  Hewitt scanned the area, but couldn’t see the shepherd.  Then, she spotted something black on the Tri-Met train tracks at the Willow Creek Station.  She rushed to the tracks and radioed in to dispatch to stop any trains from coming through.

“They probably thought I was crazy because I am running down the tracks,” laughed the former canine handler.

Hewitt approached the dog, who she discovered was named Lexie, and began talking to her.

“I’m not here to hurt you,” Hewitt said.  “I’m going to take care of you.”

Lexie laid her head against Hewitt’s chest, and the woman thought, “ok, we’re going to be buddies now.”

While she comforted Lexie, Tri-Met halted a train that was nearing the station.  Other officers came to Hewitt’s aid and took Lexie to the VCA Rock Creek Animal Hospital.  Hewitt stopped by to check on her and was happy to find out that the dog only suffered a hip injury.

“It’s amazing,” she said.

Thanks to an identification tag, Lexie’s owners were notified, and she is now recuperating at home.

“We love our dogs,” Hewitt said.  “We’ll go out of our way for our dogs.”