Police Officer Rushes Dog to Vet Clinic and Saves Pet’s Life

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When Officer Albert Sanchez from Dallas saw a frantic woman honking and speeding through red lights, the last thing he imagined is that the woman’s emergency involved a pet, but nevertheless, the officer was ready to serve and help the four-legged victim.

Carolina was driving home with Scrappy, a 13-year-old Brittany spaniel recently diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis. When they were pulling into their parking garage, the pet owner realized her pet was asphyxiating in the backseat of her car.


Carolina dialed 911, but when operators heard the victim in this emergency was a dog, they informed the caller they couldn’t help her. Helpless, Carolina sped through heavy traffic trying to reach a vet clinic in time to save her best friend.

Officer Sanchez was in the area and saw Carolina violating a few traffic laws. He immediately followed her, pulled next to her and asked her what her emergency was.

“He stopped, I told him [it] was a dog, and he immediately told me to calm down,” Carolina told Fox news. “He grabbed my purse…everything I had in my hands. I’m trying to pull out medications, I’m trying to show him where I’m trying to go, and he immediately grabbed Scrappy, carried Scrappy, put him in the backseat and said, ‘Get in. Let’s go.'”

Thanks to the kind, quick thinking officer, Carolina and her pet arrived at the nearest pet clinic, where veterinarians saved the dog’s life.