Police Officer Smashes Car Window to Rescue Seven Dogs Trapped Inside

by Fred

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A police officer found out about seven dogs trapped inside a hot car who apparently had survived in there for about two days.  The officer tried to do everything that could be done before damaging the vehicle, but it soon became clear that options were going to be limited.  So in the end, she had to blow out the window.

The temperatures in the car were up over 100 degrees.  At first, she tried to get water to the dogs through a window that had been left cracked open.  She bought gallons of water, and tried slipping in a plastic bag through the window.  Then she filled the bags with water, hoping that the dogs would be able to get at the water inside.

After another attempt at water delivery, she finally decided that this wasn’t going to be enough.  The owners of the vehicle were not responding and couldn’t be located.  Time was running out for these dogs, so the officer broke the rear window to unlock the door and rescue the dogs.

Two days of being trapped in a hot car must have been hell for these poor creatures.  Regardless of how much coverage that we and other news sites give to the matter, people STILL leave their dogs locked in vehicles in dangerous situations.  If it’s even remotely warm out where you are, even with windows cracked, IT’S TOO HOT INSIDE THE CAR FOR YOUR ANIMALS!

All of the dogs were taken to a local shelter where they had medical evaluations.  They were all very dehydrated and hungry, but no one was too badly injured in the situation.  The officer that saved the dogs from the hat car not only rescued them from a terrible fate, but she even helped to introduce them to their new families.  Each one has been adopted, and is doing very well today!