Police Officers Save Five Dogs from House Fire

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Yesterday we told you about heroic police officers from Salgar, Colombia, who saved a dog drowning in a river on May 20, 2015, well, on that same day and in a different city (Pasto), police officers risked their lives to save five dogs from a house fire.

The heroic officers were patrolling the Santa Clara neighborhood when residents informed them of the burning home. When they arrived at the residence, the house when completely engulfed in flames.

Police rescued the home owner through a back entrance, but the woman kept wanting to go back insider her home to save some of her belongings.

Officers heard dogs crying but were not sure where the noise was coming from, they then learned the owner had five dogs and the pets were trapped inside the burning home.

Officer rescuing all five dogs.
Officer rescuing all five dogs.

The policemen immediately located the pets on a second floor back terrace and using adjacent homes the hero men gained access to the terrace. While firefighters fought the flames a policeman entered the residence and rescued the pets.

The dogs were scared. They tried to find cover from the flames and one of them even found a container filled with water where he jumped in to protect himself from the scorching heat.

One by one, all dogs were extracted safely from the residence. They were transferred to a local animal rescue organization and a veterinarian examined the pets. All were found in good health. After getting groomed, the five dogs reunited with the hero policemen and their owner.