Police on Patrol Rescue Dog from a Lagoon not once, but TWICE in the Span of Just a Few Minutes

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Two Milwaukee police officers had to do some serving and protecting of a more canine nature recently.  Officers Joe Spingola and Mike Smith were on patrol and walking near a pond in McGovern Park when they heard quite a commotion going on not far from where they were.  When they located the source of the noise, they discovered a dog needing rescue.

The dog had become tangled up just a few feet off of the shore in some tall grass and weeds and began to panic.  They went into the weeds and got the dog fairly quickly, but the dog jumped right out of the officer’s arm once he knew he was over dry land.  They tried to follow the little dog, but just couldn’t keep up with him.

Just a few minutes later and a few more yards down the path they were on, and again they hear a splash followed by a lot of splashing and struggling.  They looked in the pond again, and there was the very same dog, caught up in weeds and some discarded fishing line and trying to keep his head above the water.

Officer Smith called for a fire truck thinking that the ladders could be used to pull a rescue.  However, matters took a turn for the worse and the struggling dog was going under.  They knew that time was not on their side, so they jumped in after the dog and again saved his life.  Once Smith had the dog ashore, he made sure to keep a tight hold on him so he didn’t put himself right back in the pond for a third round.

The dog was taken to animal control, and as of the time this was written, no one stepped up to claim the dog yet.  Police officials say that if the dog is yours or you know to what family he belongs, you are urged to call 414-649-8640