Police Puppy Cam

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Below you can see live images of ten of South Yorkshire Police’s latest recruits coming live from South Yorkshire Police’s Dog Training Centre. The ten German Shepherd pups were born between the evening of Monday 11 April and the early hours of Tuesday 12 April 2011. They will remain at SYPs Dog Training School with their mother, Goldie until they are seven weeks old.

They will then be homed with their ‘Puppy Walker’ volunteers who will act as their foster parents until they are approximately 12 months old and big enough to begin their initial police dog training. The latest litter is the fourth to be born at South Yorkshire Police.

Once you fall in love, go to the NSW Police Force fan page on Facebook and you can suggest names for the pups – names must begin with A and contain as few syllables as possible.

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12 thoughts on “Police Puppy Cam”

    • Uhm since you said dollars I presume you are American? This cam is in England and thus it isn’t your tax dollars at work it’s my tax pounds!

  1. @ Rick:
    How do you know? How do you know that I don’t work there and decided to bring in my webcam from home? That I donated my time to set it up? My Goodness… is that how jaded we’ve become? We can’t even enjoy a few moments of puppy cuteness? If you’re that bitter, why are looking at a webpage for dogs? Are YOU are work? Are YOU getting paid to browse? Man, it’s not that serious. What tax dollars? $19.99 for a cheap webcam? Wow.
    Hope you have an amazing day!!!

  2. Tax dollars, tax pounds, who cares? Any money is well spend on these puppies, who will grow up to be police dogs and bite crime in the butt!
    Yay, puppy power!


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