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Police Woman Rescues and Adopts Abused Dog

by Katherine

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On August 19, 2014, four individuals were seen abusing a black, mixed dog in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Witnesses called police to put  a stop to eh abuse and thanks to them and the fast acting police officers, the dog’s life was saved.

Rescued Borchex Park dog with his loving forever family.
Rescued Borchex Park dog with his loving forever family.

The abuse took place in Borchex Park. The animal abusers tied rope around the dog’s head and used it to drag the dog across a canal then pulled him out of the water to brutally beat him. The criminals then tied a nylon bag to the dog’s neck and through him into a river for the pet to drown.

When police officers arrived on the scene they did not locate or apprehend the animal abusers, but they were able to rescue the injured dog from the river and rush him to an animal clinic.

The dog endured violent punches that caused him serious head trauma and loss of vision to one eye, but veterinarians worked arduously to save the his life.

A local rescue group stepped up to foster the dog, and after the canine healed, he found a loving family to call his own.

The same police officer that pulled the pet from the river and saved the dog’s life, adopted the abused dog.

The animal abusers have not been found, but the community has come together and is demanding the local government to institute better laws to protect animals and harsher punishments for animal abusers.