Poodle Eats Nail Spiked Chicken Chunks

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There is a reason we did not share this picture last week – it was an isolated incident from South America, and we were seriously concerned about potential copycats seeing the picture and trying to do the same to dogs in the states.

It would appear that our fears have been confirmed, just a few short days after the picture was first posted on Facebook. Please share this information with friends and warn them. Unfortunately, last week’s viral picture is inspiring some depraved individuals. Molly was lucky: others may not be so fortunate.

4 thoughts on “Poodle Eats Nail Spiked Chicken Chunks”

  1. Some people are just no good. I hope those idiots are caught. We just have to be careful not to let dogs eat things that they find.

  2. Until punishment becomes far, far more severe for deliberate cruelty cases that reach conviction – and conviction MUCH easier to obtain (hey folks it starts with law enforcement which is markedly UNcaring about many animal cruelty cases) UNTIL THERE IS SUCH STRONG OF PUNISHMENT THAT THE VERY THOUGHT OF SUCH PUNISHMENT IS ENOUGH OF A DETERRENT, these things and AND will continue.

    Our society is so full of warped, depraved and downright evil bio-entities attempting to pass themselves off as “humans” who actually enjoy and take twisted happiness from doing these things, that IMO until we have eye-for-an-eye type of punishment these things are going to continue AND IMO they are going to get so much worse as more and more evil spreads through this failing society. IMO when the perp in this incident is caught I would say hold them down and forcefeed them their own sick and evil “treats” and see how they like it. And don’t offer medical care afterward either – let them die horribly of ruptured insides just like they intended the dog to die. And let it take a long, agonizing time to happen.

  3. How very sad. And scary. Teach your dog(s) the “Leave it” command. As you progress, you can “plant” treats in your yard but use really special treats (liver, roast beef, etc) to reward the desired behavior. (Not touching the “planted treat.”) The key to this training is to reward the dog for not touching/eating what you didn’t want him to. Say “Yes”- the marker word – that tells the dog s/he did the right thing and reward them with a yummy but soft treat right away. This takes practice and you will still have to be very watchful so you can stop your dog from grabbing any treats left outside. I hope I was able to describe this well enough.


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