Poodle Saves Seven Year Old Girl From Dog Attack

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A Kentucky woman says that her daughter’s life was saved when the family’s Poodle took on two attacking dogs.

Lynn Davenport was watching her daughter ride her bike in the front yard of their Jeffersontown, KY home when two large dogs jumped out of bushes that line the property, knocking the child to the ground and pouncing on her. In a flash, the Davenport’s poodle, Buddy, jumped between the girl and the dogs, distracting them and taking the brunt of the attack in the process.

Davenport said she was able to free Buddy from his attackers by striking them until they fled, but not before the selfless dog suffered substantial injuries. She also says there is no doubt that Buddy’s bravery saved the day.

“My daughter wouldn’t have made it.” Davenport said as she wiped a tear from her eye “I don’t think she would’ve made it through that. And it would’ve been my daughter…not my dog,” She said “I just thank god that he was here.”

While her daughter escaped injury, Buddy was not so fortunate: he remains in the care of a local vet, who says he may require another surgery before he is released.

Jeffersontown police chief Richard Sanders the incident has been turned over to Louisville Metro Animal Services for investigation.

39 thoughts on “Poodle Saves Seven Year Old Girl From Dog Attack”

  1. Sending Healing Vibes to Little Buddy & Your Daughter. But, I do want to say all Pits are not BAD!

    • where in the story does it say that it was pit bulls? when people assume that it is always pit bulls attacking that adds to the stereotype. actually, they get blamed for attacks even when it’s not a pit bull just because it is better press so please, let’s not add to the hysteria.

      also- buddy; you are an awesome little HERO!!!

      • They say Pit-Bull at 0:05 into the news report video. This is not stereo typing from the comment by Leigh. It’s interesting to note that the news talking head said Pit-Bull, but the woman involved just said “two dogs”.

        Those two dogs were likely showing bike-aggression, something I’ve experienced myself as a young man, from a Shepard.

        • The announcer said pit bull, but Lynn Davenport, Buddy’s mom, never did. She only spoke of two large dogs. If only she saw the dogs, how can the news reporter say the dogs were pit bulls? Makes me question the objectivity of the newscast.

          • Yep. I work in animal control and we’ve taken in dogs w/ bite reports where the officer says it’s a pit bull – and often it’s not. I’ve seen cattle dog mixes called pit bulls, Whippet pups and mixes called pit bulls and so many more. How about a campaign to the station to chat w/ their reporter about his “objectivity”.

  2. As a poodle mom myself I wish nothing but the best for brave little Buddy. What a brave and special little dog.

    • When I was about 9 a large dog, I do not recall the look/breed of the dog other than all white and very furry, charged me from a neighbor’s yard and my toy poodle derailed him. My poodle ran past the side of my mouse into my back yard with this dog following him and in about 10 seconds the large dog ran back out of my back yard with my poodle chasing him. The larger dog’s back legs were bleeding where my poodle had bitten him and chased him away!

      Poodles are not all pomp and curls! They have a very strong family attachment and are exceedingly brave.

  3. The female announcer does say it was a pit bull attack, bunny, but I agree that pit bulls have an undeserved bad reputation. The breed can be extremely loving and protective of children when reared in a loving home, themselves. It is the human behind the dog that is responsible for rearing a mean, dangerous dog. It is cases such as this one that have caused some areas to ban pitts. They need to ban the inhumane treatment of ALL animals. The humans need to held accountable for their actions. My heart goes out to this family and Buddy. Bless his heart. Hope he totally recovers. He is a hero!!!

  4. I keep trying to post this story on Facebook but apparently the domain has been associated with abuse and I’m not allowed to post this link! Too bad. Everyone should know how heroic this poodle is. I hope Buddy gets well soon. What a hero!


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