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Poodle Saves Seven Year Old Girl From Dog Attack


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A Kentucky woman says that her daughter’s life was saved when the family’s Poodle took on two attacking dogs.

Lynn Davenport was watching her daughter ride her bike in the front yard of their Jeffersontown, KY home when two large dogs jumped out of bushes that line the property, knocking the child to the ground and pouncing on her. In a flash, the Davenport’s poodle, Buddy, jumped between the girl and the dogs, distracting them and taking the brunt of the attack in the process.

Davenport said she was able to free Buddy from his attackers by striking them until they fled, but not before the selfless dog suffered substantial injuries. She also says there is no doubt that Buddy’s bravery saved the day.

“My daughter wouldn’t have made it.” Davenport said as she wiped a tear from her eye “I don’t think she would’ve made it through that. And it would’ve been my daughter…not my dog,” She said “I just thank god that he was here.”

While her daughter escaped injury, Buddy was not so fortunate: he remains in the care of a local vet, who says he may require another surgery before he is released.

Jeffersontown police chief Richard Sanders the incident has been turned over to Louisville Metro Animal Services for investigation.