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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle have reportedly adopted a new dog!

by Amy Drew

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The “old” guy, not the new. Here’s a pick of Markle with her adopted beagle, Guy. Apparently the Queen is a fan.

Sure, why not — when it comes to dogs, we’ll always join the Royals watch!

Outlets around the world are reporting that Prince Harry and his wife, the new Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, have adopted a new dog!

The pup, purportedly a Labrador of some sort, has been with the newlywed couple since early this summer. No name has been leaked, but apparently the dog has been seen accompanying the Prince and Duchess on short trips to their come in the Cotswolds and around the home castle of Kensington Palace, as well. Palace staffers have not issued comment, but knowing the Duchess’ love of dogs, it seems quite likely.

Ms. Markle is a long time fan. In fact, around wedding time we reported the story of her dog, Guy’s enchanted adoption after having a less-than-stellar start in life. Now, he’s a former shelter dog who lives, quite literally, in a palace! Guy famously rode along with the Queen earlier this year – a fact reported by dozens of outlets who love to watch the Royal Family.

The Royal Couple enjoyed bonding with the Irish President and First Lady’s dogs. Markle is a long time dog lover.

We’re happy to watch them, too, of course, when there’s dog news to report!

Queen Elizabeth II is a notable dog lover, as well. She bid farewell to Willow not long ago; Willow was the last of her famous corgis, a 14th generation pup who descended from the Queen’s very first, a corgi named Susan. The Queen has said she would breed no more dogs; now getting on in age, she didn’t want to leave any beloved pet behind.

She did bless grandson Harry’s union early on, though, as her dogs seemed to like Markle straight away. Harry said during their first post-engagement interview that he has spent his life being barked at by the Queen’s dogs, yet Markle never brought forth even a growl.

We’re itching to get a first look at this new royal adoptee. We’ll share it once we do!