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Professor Flies Unwanted Dogs to New Homes


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George Mason University professor and pilot Michael F. Young touched down in Manassas earlier this month with precious cargo: eight dogs spared from euthanasia.

youngThis weekend he’ll take to the skies again, transporting dogs from kill shelters to the waiting arms of those determined to save them. It’s a labor of love for Young, who has been flying since he was in college. He sets up a makeshift kennel in his plane with cardboard and blankets, and often employs volunteers to comfort the dogs in-flight.

Young’s largest haul was one that required removal of the plane’s back seats when he transported 17 puppies to new homes. Just last month, Young helped coordinate a massive rescue effort when 40 planes moved 172 dogs.

It’s a lot of work, but the rewards are well worth the effort: see Lilly getting the hug of a lifetime from Lisa in the video below. Lilly was a last minute addition to a flight, and would have lost her life had another dog not had to cancel.