Promise for the Old Dog

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I told him just today,

“Look, I’m right here with you , every step of the way.”

We age together, the old dog and me, but he leads the way and shows me with grace how it is done.

Our time together is constricting now and each pose becomes reminiscent of an old man on a park bench, sitting, waiting for company to sit with him and share stories of youth.

7 thoughts on “Promise for the Old Dog”

  1. I’m in this boat too, with my oldest 2 greyhounds at ages 11 and 12. The oldest is still as determined and dominant as he ever was, but age has taken away his abilities to “be the big man” that he used to be. Once spry, we’d race up the stairs in the morning after first turnout. Now, it’s a fine dance of him finding the least painful way of trudging up the stairs, and me trying to help by supporting his hind end. He still deserves and demands all the respect that he used to have in the pack, but it’s hard watching his body fail while his mind still thinks he’s 4 and at the peak of health and strength.

  2. As a foster for old dogs who have been thrown away I have to send the highest praise for those who see it through.

    Taking care of these old dogs (and cats!) has brought some of the most amazing moments of my life. Most of them come wounded and despondent, but they soon realize how very much loved they are and they return that love a thousand-fold. If only people were more like dogs.

  3. I agree with Cheryl. I wish more people would be like dogs and love unconditionally. They just don’t get it. Dogs do!

  4. my parents only adopt senior dogs…golden retrievers. they are on their 3rd one now and all those dogs lived their last days in such love and care. they are truly worth loving in their final years. i hope that everyone can give a senior dog a chance to live out its year in dignity.

  5. A good indication of how we feel about our elders can be seen in how we treat our older animals. Many lessons to be learned about compassion and simple, pure love. I applaud those that go that extra mile and help our senior animals onto their next adventure. Angels, each and every one.


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