Protesters Rally En Masse Against Denver’s Pit Bull Ban

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DENVER — Pit bull lovers from across the nation gathered in Denver on Friday to protest the city’s breed specific legislation, saying it doesn’t fit the breed and is bad for the city. Enacted after a 3-year-old boy was mauled to death and a pastor was gravely injured more than 20 years ago, the city’s ban is drawing unwanted national attention and heavy criticism from proponents of the breed.

Animal Planet is in town shooting an episode about Denver’s pit bull ban for its show Pit Boss.  “We’re killing the most lovable dog in the world because of stupidity,”  Shorty Rossi (Animal Planet host) told the crowd of protesters.

In March, Denver’s pit bull ban and the ADA’s allowance of using pit bulls as service animals are expected to be heard in court.


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7 thoughts on “Protesters Rally En Masse Against Denver’s Pit Bull Ban”

  1. This is a very big mistake by Denver. It has been proven over and over again breed banning doesn’t work. In fact you are killing perfectly healthy and wonderful companion animals.


    That is the answer – harsher penalties for dog fighting and better education about dogs for society.

  2. So I want to know how many dog bites Denver has had since they enacted their stupid ban. I’m betting it’s no less than prior to the ban which is what a report I had read about somewhere in Canada that also bans pit bulls. HELLO STUPID PEOPLE–it’s people not the breed.

  3. Crazyness! 16,00 people a year dying from handguns in the U.S. and this is what Denver is doing with my tax dollars! I dont understand how our city counsel cant figure this out! Create a dangerous dog act for ALL dogs! Not just a certain breed! If your dog is a nuisance then you need to be held responable no matter what breed it is. If the city counsel is realy worried about our safety as a community then what about all the other dogs in the city that pose a threat to our wellbeing? Banning one or two breeds of dog is not the right way to go about this issue. Take notes from much larger citys that got this problem right a long time ago. BSL is a waste of time and money. 2011 and were still trying to figure this out after 20+ years! No wonder our city is in so much debt!


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