Pug Attack: Crash the Super Bowl 2011 Finalist

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If you tuned into the Super Bowl last year, you may have noticed a very cute and funny Doritos commercial with a dog in it. Underdog was the winner of the Doritos 2010 Crash the Superbowl contest, and if this latest entry in the 2011 competition is any indicator, this year’s event is off to a very cute start.

Your vote will determine which finalists will air during the Super Bowl, and to sweeten the deal, Doritos is giving away a pair of Super Bowl tickets every day of voting.


Underdog, 2010 Crash the Superbowl contest winner

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13 thoughts on “Pug Attack: Crash the Super Bowl 2011 Finalist”

  1. Why would I vote for someone who rips off another writers copyright? Give me a break, and the lead actor is annoying. He looks like a quarterback I sacked four times in a row during a Pop Warner football game back in the 80s. All bad dog owners go to hell.
    The Video Contest King


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